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RF/Microwave Prototyping
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RF/Microwave Modules
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Low Cost Power and RSL Meters
Customers' Design
燫F/Microwave Prototyping
RF and Microwave circuit design has been always a detail and tedious process, which includes many cycles of schematics, layout, PCB fabrication, board mechanics, assembly and testing. MicroWaveCells introduces a complete new rapid RF and Microwave circuit design and prototyping concept by offering many standard single function layout cells with the most popular commercial available off-the-shelf device footprints to help customers to use as a single function design or a multi-function sub-system or a system design. MicroWaveCells is the world leader on RF and Microwave rapid prototype design, and it brings tremendous saving to our customers both in time and cost.

There are total five product families for this rapid RF and Microwave Prototyping Concept, Including:

Dynamic Single Cells
Dynamic Single Function Modules
Dynamic Subsystems and Systems
Dynamic Array Cells and Systems
Dynamic Array Modules

MicroWaveCells builds up the whole new rapid prototyping concept based on a simple standard PCB cell and a uniquely designed simple standard mechanical cell. It intends not only for engineers and scientists to quickly transfer their ideas to a real system, also for students and professors be able to hands on to build real circuits with a very limited cost. RF and Microwave circuits and systems will be more friendly and accessed by everyone. Time to Market for RF and Microwave Industry has finally become a reality. Please refer to the detail in MC1-AN008 document under application examples.
Application Details
燫F/Microwave Modules

MicroWave Cells offers a series of standardized compact, wideband, single-bias microwave modules, including low noise amplifiers, gain blocks, power amplifiers and mixers, etc. microwave modules. Frequency range covers from 10MHz to 40GHz.

Application Details
Low Cost Power and RSL Meters
MicroWave Cells offers a series of industry smallest portable power and RSL meters. Power meter with optional antenna can be used for direct wireless applications. Other feature includes power on/off, frequency band selection, dual power and temperature display, optional RF filter, optional AC-DC, optional antenna and optional audio offerings. This highly integrated power meter has many applications in 802.11, 802.16, GPS, Ultra wideband, PMP, PtP, EM radiation, NLOS and regular lab environments. RSL meters is specially designed for radio installation, it can convert voltage to RSL level with corresponding audio sound. This audio and direct RSL display helps greatly for radio installation. ?True power meter (10MHz-6GHz) ?Peak power meter (10MHz-12GHz) ?Receiver Signal Level (RSL) meter
Application Details
Customers' Design
MicroWave Cells accepts variety customer designs. Please contact us regarding to details.

Application Details
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