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RF/Microwave Prototyping
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MWC Introduced RF Prototype Family Products

MicroWaveCells has introduced RF/Microwave Prototyping family products, including: Circuit PCB cells, Mechanical cells and some miscellaneous parts which will be used in prototype assembly. This rapid flexiable innovative prototyping concept intends to help engineers to have their prototype systems within days in a very economic way.

Circuit PCB cells includes 21 catogories, including:

  • Amplifier cells;
  • Mixer cells;
  • Attenuator cells;
  • Vco cells;
  • Phase shift cells;
  • Phase detector cells;
  • Multiplier cells;
  • Prescaler cells;
  • Switch cells;
  • Spliter and coupler cells;
  • Synthesizer cells;
  • PLL cells;
  • Detector cells;
  • Filter cells;
  • DC block and bias tee cells;
  • Regular cells;
  • Transition and launch cells;
  • Op-amp application cells;
  • Miscellaneous cells;
  • Modulator/Demodulator cells (to be released soon);
  • ADC/DAC cells (to be released soon).

Mechanical cells includes:

  • Dynamic single module mechanical cells
  • Dynamic 5x5 array mechanical cells
  • Dynamic mechanical cells
  • Mechanical kits

MicroWaveCells also introduced miscellaneous parts which will be used in the system assembly.

Under the application examples, it releases the following:

  • MC1-AN001 Dynamic cell applications
  • MC1-AN002 Transmitter applications
  • MC1-AN003 Synthesizer applications
  • MC1-AN004 Op-amp applications
  • MC1-AN005 PCB cell inventory
  • MC1-AN006 Mechanical cell inventory
  • MC1-AN007 Miscellaneous part inventory
  • MWC-NL001 MWC news letter on intoruction of innovative rapic dynamic concept

Enjoy and Having Fun!!!



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