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  RF/Microwave Prototyping  
RF and Microwave circuit design has been always a detail and tedious process, which includes many
  RF/Microwave Modules  
MicroWave Cells offers a series of standardized compact, wideband, single-bias microwave modules,

Our Mission

To develop and supply a rapid, low cost design and prototyping products for RF, Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Communities.

Company Profile

Traditional RF and microwave prototyping will take weeks and months. MicroWaveCells introduces a complete new innovative concept by using many standard single cell layout as building blocks to build your desired functions, sub-systems and systems in hours with a fractional of traditional prototyping cost.

MicroWaveCells design and supply highly integrated custom components and assemblies that combine multiple functions for specific requirements. We select the most appropriate semiconductor and package technologies, unique RF integration techniques, to produce our customers with products that meet or exceed all requirements with better price and superior quality.

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